Justin Bieber gave his devoted fans quite the scare on Christmas Eve. Around 7pm on Dec. 24th, Justin tweeted, “My beloved beliebers I’m officially retiring.”

Of course his fans FREAKED OUT. That tweet alone had over 300,000 retweets and over 230,000 favorites.

Of course he let everyone stew on that news for a while before he tweeted the following:

“The media talks a lot about me.They make a up a lot of lies and want me to fail but I’m never leaving you, being a belieber is a lifestyle.”

“Be kind loving to each other, forgive each other as god forgave us through Christ Merry Christmas IM HERE FOREVER”

He obviously isn’t retiring, according to an “insider” close to the singer. “It was a joke,” says the insider. He was simply “poking fun.”

Poking fun or not, this was undoubtedly a well timed and pre-planned marketing ploy for his movie, Believe, which hits theaters on Christmas Day.

Well played, Bieber. Well Played.