It seems like the former BFFs are bringing up baggage from the past.

Perez made an appearance on ¬†Australis’a “Mornings” show this week and brought up the demise of their friendship, which occurred in 2011. Apparently, Perez said Gaga didn’t appreciate two questions, one about her song “Judas,” and another about her then-boyfriend, Taylor Kinney. Gaga even claimed that Perez was trying to set her up!

The relationship between Gaga and Perez ended shortly after the 2011 interview. Both claim they saw the faults in their “fake” relationship, but Gaga was apparently the one who ended it for real.

During Perez’s appearance on “Mornings” on June 24, he said that “fame just poisoned her,” and “damaged her personally.” He went on to say that “I think that she, unfortunately, has become a victim of this character that she created,” he said. “Whereas instead of just being an artist, she became this freak, and this cartoon character, and so unrelatable to people. When she should be turning it down and being normal-ish and not dressing crazy, she just continued to do that … She thinks that she’s infallible and what has been proven these last 12 months now [is] she’s very fallible.”

Who knows how this drama will play out. Maybe it’s just a bit of name-calling back and forth. But whatever happens, we’ll keep you updated!

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