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Boy Meets World Stars Get Married!

Oct 21, 2013 Author: Michelle | Filed under: Uncategorized

Remember Shawn and Topanga from Boy Meets World?


Well they both got married this past weekend! Not to each other, but to their respective partners.

Danielle Fishel, formerly known as Topanga, married Tim Belusko, whom she met when she returned to college. The two tied the knot on Saturday, October 19, in downtown Los Angeles. The wedding had about 200 guests, according to People.

Rider Strong, formerly known as Shawn Hunter, married longtime girlfriend, Alexandra Barreto, on Sunday, October 20. The two said “I do” at a summer camp in Oregon. The two met in 2006 on a now-cancelled tv series and got engaged in 2012.


Both couples look overjoyed with this new step in their lives! Even the Boy Meets World crew has to grow up.

Then and Now: 90’s Kids

Mar 28, 2013 Author: Blair Franklin | Filed under: Uncategorized

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite kids from the 90’s and see what they are up to today.


Jonathan Taylor Thomas, or as I like to call him, JTT:  After ditching Hollywood for school, JTT attended Columbia, Harvard, and Scotland’s St. Andrews University.  Kind of sad that we don’t see much of him anymore!


Boy Meets World

Ben Savage & Danielle Fischel: We all remember Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World.  AND THEY ARE COMING BACK!!!!!!  Savage and Fischel will be continuing their roles in a remake of the series focusing on their daughter Riley.  I cannot wait!




Melissa Joan Hart, better known as Clarissa:  We didn’t see much of Hart, besides sporadic guest-starring roles, after her smart and sassy role on Clarissa Explains It All.  Now she has returned to TV full time for a sitcom starring her fellow teen star Joey Lawrence, Melissa and Joey.



Amanda Bynes: This former All That/The Amanda Show star recently announced (via Twitter) she was retiring from acting.  Since her announcement, she has undergone a drastic makeover (cheek piercings and wigs), been in lots of legal trouble, and been reported for some bizarre behavior.  I hope she is not becoming the new Lindsay Lohan.


Candice Cameron

Candace Cameron: From DJ Tanner on Full House to becoming a wife to Russian NHL player, Valeri Bure, Cameron is now a mom to three.  She has definitely grown up since learning life lessons with Danny Tanner.