You stay classy, Hollywood

Eliza Dushku is good at wearing dresses

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It’s almost a fact that the only reason Dollhouse is even on the air is because of this little minx right here. Now, I have never seen the show myself but I can only believe this to be true. This is hollywood after all.

Here’s Eliza filming scenes for the show in a sexy red dress. And damn, she keeps getting hotter and hotter. Keep up the sexiness! You’re #1! (Well not quite, but you’re getting there!)

Eliza Dushku in FHM

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Buffy fans are going to faint when they see Eliza’s (sorry Faith’s) spread in September’s issue of FHM in the UK. Apparently the 28-year old is on some show called Dollhouse right now which sounds like a snoozefest. I mean, dollhouses are fun for the person playing with them but to watch someone play with a dollhouse? Bor-ing! No wonder she needed to become a sexbot, how else are you going to get people to watch the show?