Have you heard about this surprising new couple yet?

That’s right, Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron are apparently an item now! The pair was seen in Sardinia this past weekend showing plenty of affection toward each other. Rodriguez, Efron, and a group of friends stayed with Italian entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi at his home. Judging by all the pictures and videos posted to Instagram, they had a blast!

Speculation of a budding romance began when this picture was posted of Rodriguez and Efron:


And a relationship was confirmed with the crazy amounts of PDA the two were showing off during their stay!

However, the couple have been friends/maybe more for a lot longer than this weekend. A source told E! News that a mutual friend introduced the pair about two years ago. The two have been close since then, and pictures have been posted of the pair as ‘just friends.’

I don’t know about you guys, but that pic doesn’t look like “just friends” to me 😉