Who is better for Sean Lowe?

Now that AshLee, the show’s one-time front runner, is out of the picture, Sean has narrowed it down to two women, Lindsay and Catherine.

The Bachelor

There’s the 24 year old substitute teacher, who showed up in a wedding dress on the first night, and the 26 year old graphic designer who seems to disagree with her sisters’ suggestion that she is not ready to settle down.

It’s hard to tell which girl Sean is leaning towards. Kudos to The Bachelor producers for always keeping America guessing.

BUT what is that letter all about in the in previews for the final episode? Will it be AshLee or Des begging Sean for another chance? Will one of the final women leave him hanging? This finale could go a few different ways!

Who do you think Sean will chose? I’m leaning more towards Lindsay. I just do not see the connection between Sean and Catherine. I think he has a great time with Catherine, but I feel they live two totally different lives.  Maybe that’s just me?

I guess we will all find out next Monday! DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!